Edmonton Motorshow 2019: The Warm Up.

Spring is here.

Cars are out of hibernation, rocks litter the roads and pot holes are popping up like weeds in a field. The season is young and that means the Edmonton Motorshow was set up at the Expo Centre. Not the most exciting show of the year. But, it was a good opportunity to try out the gear and to check out some cars and a little bit of Drifting. I was able to find time on the Sunday to make it out to the show. Luckily, the Sun decided to show up. Rain littered the parking lot Friday and Saturday. It was a good day to get out there.

I got to the Expo Centre just in time for the last SpecD Drift Series Demo. I could see the crowd starting to pile in as I rushed to get the right lens on. I was able to find a couple spots to shoot. But, it was not an ideal situation. Shooting through a crowd felt like a disadvantage - but, I was able to get my favourite shot of the day here. Go figure.

The demo was short. But, the smoke flew and the crowd was definitely left wanting more. I am not much of a drifting fan, but these guys were pushing their cars hard and that is always fun to watch. I will have to check out more of their events this year. Check out the rest of the drifting demo shots below.

After the drifting demo I switched up lenses and made my way into the show. This show is predominantly filled by Manufacturers and their latest lineups. But, there were some Tuner Shops out there as well. I did not get shots of every car out there - who wants to see photos of the new Caravan? Jokes aside, I walked through a few times and shot what caught my attention. In the “Tuner” section of the show, SSS Motorsports had a mint Datsun 240Z that really grabbed my attention. I am partial to blue cars. Click the image below to move through the gallery.

Another favourite was out at the show. This Nissan Bluebird is always fun to shoot and look at. I don’t know much about these cars - but, i know this one looks good.

The first Manufacturer that caught my eye was the huge Acura Canada booth and the retired full carbon GT3 NSX they had on display. Another reason I was happy I made it out to the show. When else am I going to have the chance to see one of these up close? These cars are only available for purchase to race teams. The car is not a hybrid like its production siblings and comes race ready from the factory. If you have several hundred thousand dollars to spare. Worth it.

Another interesting car was displayed at the FELINO booth. Originally made for the track, they now make a production model. It may not be for everyone - the rear could use some tweaking for my tastes - but, its definitely different and Canadian made! Check their website out here: https://felinocars.com/mission/

You can see the rest of my shots from the Manufacturers booths on our “Works” page. Another busy booth was AvantGarde’s. They brought out some exotics and an RWB Porsche. A few dollars were spent. These guys always have one of the more appealing booths at the shows I have attended.

Overall, I had a good time at the show. Minus me shooting video with the GoPro 7 with a dirty lens, it was great! The parking was more expensive than the show admission itself. Figure that out. I heard complaints about the show lacking and there were definitely some Manufacturers that didn’t show up, Mercedes among others. But, I have not been to this show in several years so I guess I was not as susceptible to the negativity. This was a nice way to spend a Sunday and to get geared up for this season.

Good warm up.